TillyTainment is the ultimate kids party experience, catering to children of all ages – including adults. TillyTainment provides children’s entertainment services for all occasions including kids parties, birthday’s, one on one tuition, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and private and corporate events. TillyTainment is available to perform live in shopping centres, festivals, fetes, shows and more. TillyTainment encourages children to explore their individuality and embrace their quirks through music and movement, and to dance like no one is watching. Upon event conclusion, each child will unleash their inner rockstar!

Tap, tap, tap and slide, turn on the mics, TillyTainment time.

Matilda Murphy

Matilda Murphy is the passionate songwriter behind TillyTainment. Describing herself as very quirky, Matilda is unique in her sound, image and performance, spending many years studying dance, singing, acting and acrobatics at Newtown Performing Arts, Brent Street, ACTT, The Actors Centre and Screenwise. She has appeared in TVC’s and has performed in cabaret shows, pantomimes, shopping centres, football games, sporting and corporate events singing and dancing.

Matilda is passionate about children, their mental health and growth after experiencing extreme bullying as a child. Matilda wants to inspire all children to believe in themselves and help build their confidence through music and dance.


Matilda is so excited to perform her original songs and is working hard on a stage show called “Matilda’s adventures with her Womcat”.

Matilda’s latest EP is now available online and her music videos are on YouTube.